A. Planning, Designing and Supervising by Design Department;

Principal activities of the company are to plan and design the racecourses and training centers, which include tracks, stables, landscape architecture and equine training facilities.
The company also supervises the construction of those facilities at the site.
In other words, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. consists of Specialist Planners, Architects & Engineers for racecourse related projects.



Major Projects/ Constructions,
in which “JRAF” participated:(since 1990)

Grandstands Constructing year
Sapporo Racecourse, JRA 2012~2014
Chukyo Racecourse, JRA 2010~2012
Hakodate Racecourse, JRA 2008~2010
Tokyo Racecourse, JRA 2000~2007
Niigata Racecourse, JRA 1999~2001
Kokura Racecourse, JRA 1998~1999
Kyoto Racecourse, JRA 1996~1997
Fukushima Racecourse, JRA 1995~1996
Chukyo Racecourse, JRA 1993~1994
“Royal Stand” of Tokyo Racecourse 1992~1993
Hanshin Racecourse, JRA 1990~1991
Tracks Constructing year
Chukyo Racecourse, JRA 2010~2012
Hanshin Racecourse, JRA 2005~2006
Tokyo Racecourse, JRA 2002~2003
Niigata Racecourse, JRA 1998~2000
Kokura Racecourse, JRA 1997~1998
Kyoto Racecourse, JRA 1993~1994
Chukyo Racecourse, JRA 1992~1993
Hanshin Racecourse, JRA 1990~1991
Off-Track Betting Facilities (WINS) since1995

At the above racecourse, old tracks, betting facilities were entirely or partly demolished and newly designed tracks (in shape/composition) were reconstructed at the same site.
Other than these reconstruction, the turf, dirt, woodchip and synthetic tracks at each racecourse and training centers are usually renovated every five to ten years.

Overseas Consultancy Services

  • Consultancy services for the Singapore Turf Club

    From the beginning of the new Singapore Racecourse Project at Kranji in 1994, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd.(formerly known as Japan Racing Facilities Co. Ltd.) assisted the Singapore Turf Club to formulate the programme and planning as Specialists Consultant for Racing, utilizing abundant knowledge and experience, through the completion of the Project in 2000.

  • Consultancy Services for the Manila Jockey Club, Philippine

    From 2002 to 2003, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. provided the consultancy services for the Manila Jockey Club, reviewing the plan and design, which were proposed by the local architects and civil engineers for constructing a new racetrack at the San Lazaro Leisure Park, MJK. Also, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. supervised the construction at the site when required by the Manila Jockey Club and provided the necessary advice and recommendations.

  • Consultancy Services for Selangor Turf Club, Malaysia

    From October 2004, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. has been appointed as Specialist Turf and Track Consultant for the Proposed New Selangor Turf Club Development.
    The scope of works is the design of turf and track all the way from the Briefing, Construction, and to the Detailed Design stages. The development is currently suspended at the Detailed Design stages.

  • Consultancy Services for Wuhan Racecourse and Training Center, China

    From August 2010 to March 2011, the JRA Facilities Co. Ltd. provided overall master plan layout for the Training Center and reviewing of the Racecourse plan. This consultant service was successfully completed, and the design development and construction for the Training Center are currently in progress.